LOGLINE: The Road to Slavalachia is a documentary about the international collaboration of folk musicians from the Appalachian region of USA, Belarus, and Western Ukraine who became a global family despite all challenges: pandemic, revolution and war.
CREW: director Varfalamey Kuraga, producer Nadzeya Ilkevich, cinematography by Varfalamey Kuraga and Quintin Schomaker.
PRODUCTION STAGE: work in progress, raising money to be able to complete production (need to cover war in Ukraine) and to start post-production
FORMAT: 110 min documentary and/or 5 episodes 45 min each
Short description
The Road to Slavalachia is a full-length documentary. This film tells a story about musicians from the U.S., Belarus, and Ukraine, who are creating a unique musical project since 2019 based on their traditions and cultures. The documentary follows their "journey" to Slavalachia, an uncharted land that exists only in their shared creativity.
Slavalachia is also an example of deep friendship without borders. They help one another weather the burdens of war, dictatorship and loss that afflict some of our member nations to this very day. They are a transatlantic alliance of musicians who believe in the project of folk music as a source of wisdom from the past and of inspiration for the future.
The musicians travel to Belarus and Ukraine in order to understand ancient traditions and each other, they were dreaming about an album based on traditional songs for two years. Finally, they have managed to make it in 2021.
The musicians don't know whether it will succeed or what may come after. They are forging a new territory regarding the preservation, popularization, and experimentation of traditional music. The musicians are exploring what a "cultural revolution" means through music. The goal is to empower people to be proud of their cultures while at the same time experimenting with their traditions to revitalize them.

Topic summary
The Road to Slavalachia touches the topic of cultural identity and the importance of traditions and cross-cultural collaboration. Within the context of globalization it is harder and harder to answer the questions: Who are we? What is our identity? Where are our roots? Why is it important to preserve our traditions? One more important thing in The Road to Slavalachia is music. It is well known that music is a universal language. We can share our point of view, our emotions and our thoughts through music, even without knowing each other's language. Music and traditions stay beyond politics and governments, but help fight for freedom and against dictators and aggressors.
Director's note
Through this documentary I would like to celebrate diversity, music, traditions, to motivate people to love their own cultures, and to make the audience feel happy during the entire film. I believe that whenever we are learning about other cultures we are becoming more proud of our own. It helps find the answer to the question Who are we?
Telling the story of this collaboration will help shift the image of the Appalachian region and promote the traditional identity of Belarus and Ukraine. I am proud that my directorial debut film is about friendship, trust and music that help fight for our freedom. ...
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ADAMI Media Prize & Pitch the Doc Workshop
Our team mastered the documentary pitch in July 2021 in Kyiv together with international experts and well-known producers.
We have been invited to Tbilisi, Georgia on 10 December to pitch the project on live TV in the studios of Georgian Public Broadcaster. We won a special prize from Current Time TV.
Our film has been listed in a few catalogs of international film festivals and pitching sessions. We are working on more applications now!
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