Slavalachia is an alliance of folk musicians and creators from Belarus, Ukraine, and the Appalachian region of the US.
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The album consists of ten songs mostly of traditional or folk origin, either from Ukraine, Belarus or America. While all of the music was selected to celebrate traditional culture and folk music preservation, due to some turn of mystical happenstance over half of the songs explore themes of war. Somehow, even in that drowsy summer peace, the musicians felt war was looming.

Overall, "Slavalachia" has a driving feel- a relentlessness crafted from thundering drums, grooving bass, jangling guitars, biting mandolin melodies, and the growl of Brother Hill's voice, accented by Siarzhuk's fluttering flute and Marichka and Marta's ecstatic wailing, like wind whipping through a lonely canyon. The moments of peace and joy feel precious, like fleeting dreams. Sorrow, resolve and defiance of tyranny are in the marrow of this music.
Preparation, recording and mixing of an album was only possible with a kind support of people who contributed to IndieGoGo and Facebook crowdfunding campaigns!
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